Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Be still

'Shhhh you're in a Library' were the words I used to hear a lot when I was younger and I never quite understood why that was the case.

Today I had a teacher only day, I awoke and decided for once not to be lazy! I went for a run on the beach and I am so glad I did because the beach was seriously beautiful. I like to think of the beach as my second home, because it literally is; it's the place that instantly makes me feel peaceful and calm; it's the place where I often go and have a long walk with God; and it's the place that inspires and motivates me. It is ever changing. The beach never looks the same. From sunset to sunrise, from storm to calm the beach is a collection of raging moods. After my run I came home and decided that I would go to the library. So here I am.

I am sitting on a chair, quite comfy in fact, wondering what to write about. It is quiet and warm in here, peaceful and calm and I feel safe. Outside it is cold, but sunny; windy but the waves and the beach are calm. It is beautiful, but it is busy. People walk past, the waves crash onto the shore, the birds are being birds (haha). Life is definitely happening outside. It's beckoning me to go back out and to get back on with my day. But no I say, 'I want to sit here.'

Sitting here I guess I could relate, what I'm seeing and feeling to my own life. Often I'm so busy, with school, with home life, with sport and with just being a human, that I don't often find my self just sitting. Just resting and pondering. And today it's nice to just sit, to view the world, from inside. It's when you stop, that you realise the beauty that surrounds us. the beauty which we often walk straight passed because of well,business.

I think often God does just want us to sit, to just be quiet in his presence. Not to be asking for anything or praying. Just to have some time where we can sit and let God work through us. Time where he can speak to us. So often we can complicate life, busy it up, be constantly talking praying to God - don't get me wrong it's great to do that - but sometimes it's good to just stop and realise the beauty of this world we live in. The beauty of the lives God's given us and just enjoy God in general. I didn't realise til today how good it feels to just STOP.

So, I urge you this week, as we come to the middle of the term, when life is busy, stop. Go somewhere peaceful, somewhere quiet and just literally STOP.Be still and come to God and just feel peaceful in his presence. Discover the small, beautiful things that we miss when we busy life up and be touched by God's presence. You might even find you hear him speaking to you. 

Below is a great song to finish off the read, check it out.

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