Wednesday, 16 September 2015

The Little Things In Life

Sometimes we have bad times in life, we go through seasons where everything is hard and the stress just gets to us.  A lot of us will be looking in the face of exams and other pressures that come with the wind up of the year, life can be hard and stress amounts. However this week as I was walking down the road after a tough and busy week, I was listening to this song as the sun shone on my face and I realised that even though sometimes life can be tricky, God doesn't abandon us. I look at my life and the circumstances I was born into and the grace that has been given to me by the living God and I cannot help but smile. While looking up this video of the song to link it in this post, I watched the video for the first time and was so struck about how lucky I am to live in Christichurch New Zealand, with a house to live in and a family to love me, and despite what I am going through I have been so blessed and have so much to be thankful for, and sometimes we can lose sight of that when times are tough.

 Big Daddy Weave - Overwhelmed

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