Sunday, 8 March 2015

We can't just do nothing

(Warning - contains a shameless plug for the 40 hour famine & world vision)

We live in a world full of
and often we got so caught up in these problems like,
'wheres my hairbush?' & 'I skipped breakfast and i'm hungry' & 'I lost my pen.'    And im not taking away from the fact that these problems can be REALLY ANNOYING, and can cause issues for us, but it's always good to look at the big picture, and in the sceme of things, they aren't as important as we can start to believe they are.

 We ALSO live in a world where people are lucky to get one meal a day, people who are starving and have no clean drinking water. 

45. 5 % of children in the world lack basics needs like food, shelter and clean drinking water, thats 1 billion children. 

 36% of Africans live on less than US$1 a day, 50% of the world live on less than $5 a day

1.1 Billion people living in developing countries have inadequite access to water.

& in the minute or so its taken you to read this far, 9 children have died due to malnutrition related illnesses or of starvation. 

These people are desperately in need of our help, and sometimes these issues seem like questions with no answers, & yes, you are right in thinking that there is no answer to these issues. Its very easy to solve a problem and making anothe one ten times worse in the process. But we can't just do nothing & there are ways we can make a massive & positive impact on people's lives that are so difficult now. 

The head, heart, hands theory:
The head heart hands theory is very simple. It states that your heart for a problem, your knowledge about a problem & practically what you do to help fix it. When we have a heart for something, we should bring our knowledge of the situation and what we're doing about it up to the same level. For example:
If you have a heart for young girls stuck in the sex trafficking industry overseas, you cannot just rush over to Cambodia an try & solve the problem, you will probably do more harm then good & break yourself emotionally. So a really good way to go about it is to: 

Heart: spend a lot of time praying that God will continue to grow this passion to do something about this problem. 
Hands: take oppertunities to do things in your own city or place you go to school or work to fundraise & send money to people and organisations already involved in helping the cause
Head: Research the issue, talk to people and organisations already involved and learn as much as you can. But most importantly pray the God gives you the opportunities & that he leads you where he wants you to go. 

(Here's your work vision plug)
The 40 hour famine is coming up & it's a really practical & simple way for you to make a big impact on people and children quite literally on the brink of death in Bangladesh, and we can make an impact from right here in Christchurch. My advice:

The famine is on the 22- 24 May 2015, where we give something up for 40 hours, usually this is food, but can also be technology, talking e.t.c.

A little bit of money can go a loooooong way!!
$2 can buy 50 nutrient sachets to help severly malnourished children gain weight. 
$10 can help a family of 5 start a vege garden to help grow nutrious food

Imagine 500 of those $2 coins,  500 of those $10. Imagine the differece that can make. Now imagine the difference that half a million people that do the famine raising $10 would make? The effects would be MASSIVE. So I leave you with this question:

Will you sit back and do nothing? Or will you take a stand and help change the world?

Here is where you can add yourself to the tky famine group  



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