Monday, 3 November 2014

Things to look at - November 14

Some things to check out when you're not busy with exams...


Beth shared this on Facebook a while back, but it's definitely worth a listen.

Citizens - An indie band out of Seattle.

Also, here's a song written in our very own NZ, I've been listening to lately.

And the one we sang on Saturday with some te reo. Remember, it's cool to korero.It has a long intro... so you might wanna skip a bit! Edge Kingsland have some other good stuff too.

Lecrae on being a man!

No video I'm afraid... but there is audio of John Lennox doing 2 q & a sessions around answers to hard questions... John Lennox is one clever guy and is a great defender of the Christian faith. Definitely worth a listen to. It's 2 hours long, but something you could listen to for a couple of questions and then head back to.

There are some other videos here if you prefer to look!

The Incarnation (spoken word):

This is Odd Thomas of Beautiful Eulogy fame doing an awesome spoken word on the incarnation. I think we might have our Christmas video sorted for church!

Another cool video (and there are other's too) is an animation of Genesis 1-11.

You've maybe seen it already, but an interesting critique on technology

I haven't checked out that much of it... but what I've seen seems cool, especially if you're a fan of spoken word.

Great resource for apologetics (answers to tricky questions) stuff:
You can choose the level appropriate for you too! Very cool.

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