Sunday, 13 July 2014

Things to look at - July 14

The internet is a great place to waste time, especially during the holidays. Sometimes that's a good thing, sometimes... not so good. It's also a great place to find things that build our faith. So once a month, we plan on sharing a few things we've found around the place that we have enjoyed watching/reading/viewing/listening to that you might enjoy too...

There are plenty of great christian blogs/bloggers out there. Here are a few that have grabbed me recently:

It's not for everyone, but I'm loving Hillsong United's "The White Album." It's a remix of some of their well known songs.

Youtube link:

Also, loving this song by Dustin Kensrue from Mars Hill.

More from Mars Hill...

I struggled to stream it... so downloaded instead or there is just the audio you can listen to. This guy is a great preacher, a little controversial sometimes, but good nonetheless.

That's My King:

The Joshua Project
The Gospel in Four Minutes:

Put together by the Joshua Project, unreached of the day provides information and prayer requests on a people groups around the world who have no or little knowledge of the gospel.

I know nothing of this tumblr phenomenon, but apparently it's popular with the kids...  

For those of you who enjoy books...

There is a God by Anthony Flew is a great book about how a staunch atheist changed his mind about a designer.

If God, Then What? By Andrew Wilson. This guy blogs at thinktheology (see link above in blogs) and is pretty cool. The book provides concise arguments to questions you and your friends might have.

Let me know any other music/videos/blogs you find and I'll add them to the next one. (Am I the only one who just noticed the fox in the firefox logo...)

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